Develop a global partnership for development

How's Iran doing?

While this goal aims to facilitate international development cooperation in order to provide access to the other seven goals, only four of the eight indicators are applicable to the Iranian context. These include dealing with the debt problems of developing countries, providing support for a decent work strategy, accessing affordable and essential drugs in developing countries and finally making the benefits of new technologies, in particular information and communication technologies (ICTs) available. For most of these indicators Iran has made progress, however the country needs greater stride in creating jobs and making the benefits of new technologies, especially ICTs and small-scale technologies available and accessible. There are no reliable estimates for the proportion of the population with access to affordable and essential medicines on a sustained basis.

What are the challenges?

A major challenge is building the institutional framework to put in place international cooperation for meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Furthermore in order to meet the recommended MGD targets through international development cooperation requires strengthening good governance as well as promoting human rights, especially the rights of children and women.

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