Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases

How's Iran doing?

Iran's successful health policy has controlled much of communicable diseases and is providing a minimum care service for the majority of the population. But diseases such as HIV/AIDS are a real threat - although current HIV/AIDS prevalence rates are low, the danger of cumulative processes taking hold are very real, and Iran is now gearing up to protect itself on this front.

What are the challenges?



  • Preventing narcotics smuggling and human trafficking for sex across the borders
  • Stronger advocacy and awareness raising especially among the youth; adopting new methods of locating HIV-positive people
  • Establishing a comprehensive data bank on HIV/AIDS Surveillance
  • Modifying cultural and legal approaches that adversely influence the spread of HIV/AIDS
  • Establishing regional cooperation with the aim of preventing drug trafficking
  • And providing high quality Anti Retro-Viral medicines (ARVs) and Rapid Diagnostic Kits at a low price to those who need it.

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