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Greener Tehran and a new generation of energy efficient buildings

In Iran, we have achieved 20% reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions for 400 pilot buildings  

Training on energy consumption and environment for women in Iran

During summer 2019, Vice-Presidency of Science and Technology supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) conducted awareness-raising and training for 160 women working at the…  

The Kigali amendment: A solution to global warming

In October 2016, the Kigali Amendment was added to the Montreal Protocol to primarily phase-down the production and consumption of HFCs which will keep the global temperature rise "well below" 2…  

6,700 students were trained on energy efficiency in Tehran

Energy Efficiency and Environment Building (EEEB) Project in cooperation with Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, UNDP and Cheragh Raga NGO – as the contractor – organized an energy efficiency…  

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