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Local community participation for lake Urmia restoration

For more than 6 years, Local Community Participation in Restoration of Lake Urmia has involved 11,000 farmers, trained 2,800 farmers, employed and empowered 200 local experts. ..  

The Kigali amendment: A solution to global warming

In October 2016, the Kigali Amendment was added to the Montreal Protocol to primarily phase-down the production and consumption of HFCs which will keep the global temperature rise "well below" 2…  

Iran reduces HCFCs consumption to prevent ozone depletion and global warming

The Islamic Republic of Iran has implemented the HCFC Phaseout Management Plan (HPMP) project to phase-down and ultimately phase-out the use of Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) to comply with the…  

The I.R Iran builds skills and capacities for natural disasters recovery planning and budgeting

Iran held the second post-disaster needs assessment workshop on report writing for Iran floods damage and loss on 30-31 July 2019 at Planning and Budget Organization of Iran. The project is being…  

Iran tackles climate change in 18 provinces

The Government of Islamic Republic of Iran is using Climate Change mitigation and Environmental protection to generate 577 permanent job opportunities so far through Carbon Sequestration techniques,…  

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