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UNDP's Climate Promise

UNDP is proud to support 119 countries in this endeavor through its Climate Promise – the world’s largest offer of support on NDCs, covering 80% of all developing countries globally.

This support draws on UNDP’s vast presence on the ground, expertise from the Global Policy Network and over 35 partners from across the UN, IFIs, and civil society.  This also builds on and helps accelerate UNDP’s decades of experience supporting countries to address climate change through strengthening adaptation and resilience, energy solutions, sustainable forest management, water management, ecosystem-based approaches, and other areas supported by the vertical funds and other multilateral and bilateral sources.

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UNDP in Iran

COP26 comes at a crucial point in time with humanity facing two existential crises: The COVID-19 pandemic is still taking lives and destroying livelihoods, while the world faces yet another year with unprecedented extreme weather and climate disasters.

Wildfires, heatwaves, devastating floods, and other impacts are already threatening to make parts of our planet uninhabitable.  In August, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gave world leaders a stark warning: we must take bold and sustained action now or we will lock-in an even more dangerous future.

In Iran, together with national and international partners, UNDP contributes to providing access to clean and renewable energy and increasing efficiency in buildings in urban communities. This year, as a result of this initiative a reduction of up to 20% in energy consumption is expected in 400 buildings, including 36 governmental buildings where energy-efficiency solutions are being implemented.

Beyond this, together with partners, UNDP Iran supports to integrate circular economy priorities into urban planning with focusing on waste management.

We are also working with over 14,000 farmers by providing sustainable solutions to improve livelihoods and reduce the pressure on water resources. In East and West Azerbaijan provinces, through this initiative, we have been able to achieve 35% water saving for irrigation, as well as 40% reduction in use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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