UNDP Resident Representative's Exclusive Interview with Iran Daily

Iran Daily newspaper recently published an in-depth interview with Mr. Gary Lewis, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative.

In the interview, Mr. Lewis underlines some of the main United Nations activities and operations in I.R. Iran, highlighting achievements made in terms of the country’s improvement in its Human Development Index and also warning of development-related challenges.

The exclusive interview was published in two editions, covering a range of questions and topics on UN-Iran relations.

Click here to read the first part of the interview, published on July 17, 2013 – answering these questions:

  1. You have been in Tehran for about 3 months how do you find Iran? Specially compared to what was in your mind before coming to Iran.
  2. How did you find Iranian officials’ cooperation with you and with UN agencies?
  3. How do you evaluate Iran's contribution and cooperation to and with the United Nations in solving and handling the regional problems like Iraq's insurgencies and Afghanistan's failed state – including the refugee problem?

Click Here to read the second part of the interview, published on July 18, 2013 – answering these questions:

  1. Would you please elaborate on your idea about Iran's nuclear dossier?  How do you evaluate Iran's confidence building measures to ensure the international society of its peaceful nuclear program?
  2. How do you evaluate the growth of Human Development Index in Iran compared with the other countries?
  3. How do you evaluate Iran's performance in implementing the environmental programs? What are the country's priorities in this regard?
  4. Can you list some of the UN's measures in assisting Iran to tackling drug trafficking from Afghanistan to the western countries?
  5. Iranian channels have been removed by major satellite providers.  Isn’t this against freedom of speech and what is the UN’s view on this issue?

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