The looming death of Lake Orumiyeh – and what it means for Iran

  Bleak and austere: a boat lies rusting and stranded in its waterless mooring on the salty flats of Lake Uromiyeh. Shallow water and high salinity may accelerate the death of the lake even sooner than expected.

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Iran, Mr. Gary Lewis recently visited Lake Orumiyeh and wrote his impressions in an Op-Ed which has been carried in the following media outlets:

Azar News (Farsi)

BBC Fars (Farsi)

DOE (Farsi)

DOE (English)

Etemad (Farsi)

Iran Daily (Part I)

Iran Daily (Part II)

Iranema (Farsi)

IRNA (English)

Isdle (Farsi)

Khabar Online (Farsi)

Moj News (English)

Mehr News (Farsi)

Online 110 (Farsi)

Parset (Farsi)

Saheb Khabar (Farsi)

Salamat News (Farsi)

Shadegan Rasad (Farsi)

Shafaghna (Farsi)

Tabnak (Farsi)

TNews (Farsi)

TRend (English)

Vista News (Farsi)

Zist Online (Farsi)

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