Local media coverage of UNDP Assistant Administrator's visit to Lake Uromiyeh

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  From left to right: Mr. Haoliang Xu, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director of RBAP, Mr. Ali Nazaridoust, UNDP Program Analyst and Mr. Gary Lewis, UNDP Resident Representative

UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director of Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, Mr. Haoliang Xu recently visited the Islamic Republic of Iran.

During his mission, Mr. Xu visited Uromiyeh in order to observe the status of the Lake’s condition and the progress made in reversing the decline as a result of the Government of Japan’s grant to UNDP.  This grant is being implemented as a new component of the ongoing Conservation of Iranian Wetlands Project in partnership with Iran’s Department of Environment.

The following are some of the local media coverage of Mr. Xu’s visit to Lake Uromiyeh:

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