The Second Regional Meeting on Risk Management of Dust Phenomenon

Sep 29, 2010

Your Excellency Mr. Mohammadizadeh

Honorable Ministers,


Ladies and gentlemen


It is a pleasure to be here today at the 2nd Regional Meeting on Risk Management of Dust Phenomenon, to join the efforts shared by Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Qatar in seeking a solution for the Dust and Sand Storms (DSS).

This phenomenon is believed to be caused by a variety of mutually reinforcing natural and human made factors. It impacts the health, economy and the livelihoods of the communities beyond national borders of individual countries.  Therefore, it is of vital importance that a regional problem at this magnitude is addressed through collective intervention of different countries. And this is the challenge you have in front of you today.

And the synergies among the attending countries are extending to actual ground work through defining hotspots, implementing priority pilot activities, establishing a regional setup to assist the countries with planning and implementation, and monitoring of progress.

As we all know, Desert Sand Storms are not solely considered to be an environmental challenge; they have severe health and socio-economic implications with serious bearings on the sustainable development of affected communities and areas.

This is a concern for the UN as well., and I would like to end by congratulating you once again for having come together to address this regional issue and reiterate the commitment of the United Nations System to support your effort.

Thank you!

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