Workshops on transferring selected good practices of GEF/SGP UNDP

Jun 25, 2014


A two-day workshop examining best practices of GEF/SGP local projects was held on 24 June in Tehran and on 25 June 2014 in Semnan.

The workshop aimed at provincial stakeholders – members of the Technical Committee in Semnan and local communities’ representatives – of the GEF MENARID.

The events are part of the project: Sharing the Successful Experiences of SGP Projects, agreed to by the UNDP and GEF/SGP.

The workshop in Tehran covers three cases of participatory management: Oak Forests through Solar Heaters, Ecotourism and Handicrafts for Conservation of the Hawksbill Turtles, and Sustainable Agriculture and IPM products. The workshop in Semnan covers three other areas: packaging training tools, patterns of sustainable agriculture, and how the Abolhassani tribe survived the drought.

The first workshop in this series was held in Yazd early this year on 29 and 30 January 2014.  It included members from the provincial Implementation Committee, the Bahabad Township Technical Committee, and members from the local development groups of the four targeted villages: Asfij, Karimabad, Kamkouyeh and Banestan. The workshop was facilitated by two NGOs: Boompajuhan Society, and the House of Culture and Sustainable Development, both SGP grantees.

The best practices highlighted at the first workshop included:  Medical Herbs and their role in Resource Management and Local Empowerment, Handicrafts and Ecotourism of Qeshmi women, Inter-sectoral Communications and Relationships for Conservation of the Environment, Establishment of Local Funds in Bam, and the Sustainable Agricultural patterns adapted to climate conditions.

Subsequent workshops in Kermanshah and Zahedan covered issues ranging from waste management, to the revival of the Siran Guli wetlands.  

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