Reviewing aspects of sustainable development

Mar 6, 2014

  The 5th Green Banking workshop was held at Simorgh Hotel on 4 March 2014

The 5th Green Banking workshop was held at Simorgh Hotel on 4 March 2014.

After a quick review on previous workshop findings of each working group by Dr. Shajari, the working groups were requested to review the other aspects of Sustainable Development (Social, Environmental and Governance) to correct and complete the development trends circulars of Bank in Khorasan-e-Shomali as a pilot site.

At the end, after a question and answer session and discussing the results, Dr. Ali Farzin, Head of Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development requested all participants to choose the 10 most important approaches that Bank Managers should adhere while studying the project proposals.

The result was as follows:

  1. Efficiency (financial and economic) and environmental sustainability and related indicators;
  2. To create proportionality between the conditional and optional banking;
  3. To utilize methods to analyze risk and returns;
  4. To set framework and  added value matrix (Input - Output and Value Chain);
  5. To emphasis on strengthening development programs to maintain and reduce pressure on water and other resources;
  6. To design a mechanism for the expert involvement of banks in state funds;
  7. Partnership between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Bank for credit distribution strategies;
  8. To give priority to projects that is requested by organizations of farmers and agricultural complexes; and
  9. To increase the impact of bank credit on the full value added chain of agricultural activities.