Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah

20 Feb 2014


What do the Iranian National Football team and the Asiatic Cheetah have in common? 

By clicking on the link to this teaser, you can see for yourself the common thread of passion for sport and passion for conservation.

When Team Melli competes in the World Cup in Brazil later this year, football fans across the globe will see their logo – the Asiatic cheetah.

But do you know that there are now only approximately 50 cheetahs living in the wild?  Most are scattered across the provinces spanned by the Dasht–e–Kavir desert in Iran.

There are now only approximately 50 Asiatic Cheetahs living in the wild

UNDP, under its mandate of Environment and Sustainable Development is implementing long-standing projects with Iran’s Department of the Environment to restore their numbers.  Working hard with committed local and international partners (Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Society and Panthera) we are trying hard to preserve this beautiful and fascinating animal.

Click here to learn more about the Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah Project (CACP).

Watch and share the Cheetah Teaser to raise awareness and unite as their destiny is in our hands.