“Children, Creativity, Environment” festival

Nov 24, 2013

  Among the attendees at the "Children, Creativity, Environment" festival was UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Mr. B. Murali

In 2013, Children’s Week was celebrated from 18th – 27th of October with the aim of reinforcing understanding and support for children’s rights.  This week, celebrates the right of children to enjoy childhood.  It is also a time for children to demonstrate their talents, skills, and abilities.

Children across Iran took part in a series of special events and festivals, one of which was “Children, Creativity, Environment” festival which took place from 8th – 11th October at Darabad Museum.

In this festival GEF SGP/UNDP had a booth where Art for Conservation project by Environment Protectors Society conducted a hands-on training in making cloth animal of endangered species, making of animal sculptures as well as framing art works with waste paper. 

The Art for Conservation project attempts to link conservation of natural resources to cultural-based livelihoods and to provide an opportunity for cultural-based products linking the identity of local people to their natural resources.

  Children got to visit different parts of the wildlife museum and play with real animals

Street children from Imam Ali Student-People Relief Society – grantees of the GEF SGP/UNDP – who were trained in producing green bags; drawing and painting colorful wildlife species on the cloth bags – had turned into the trainers at this exhibition and worked with other children in teaching sharing their understanding of the importance of these species in our lives and our environment.

Management and trainers from Raad Charity Group participated in the event for the first time.  This participation resulted in a link between the charity-working with disabled youth- and wild life recognition for further future partnerships and trainings. 

Mr. B. Murali, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative visited the exhibition.  He thanked Darabad Wildlife and Nature Museum for organizing this event which saw a huge number of participants including students from different school throughout Tehran.  He emphasized on the fact that every child has a right to enjoy a healthy childhood and such programmes raise awareness and empower the civil society organizations to participate in conducting such events.

Educational booths such as teaching facts about the environment and wildlife, playing with real animals, recycling waste materials, and painting were also setup at this event.  The audience also witnessed playing theaters, live music performance, games and interesting programs of interest to children and adolescences.

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