TB Project Transition Plan Signed in April, To Ensure Sustainability of Project Achievements

Apr 18, 2013

 consultative workshop on tb project transition plan Photo: ©Malaria project team

In view of the imminent completion of the GFATM grant for Tuberclosis Prevention in High Burden Areas in the Islamic Republic of Iran in September 2013, the project’s Transition Plan was launched in April 2013.

The Plan was developed through a national consultation process facilitated by UNDP under the auspices of the GFATM Country Coordinating Mechanism and the Center for Disease Control of the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Prisons Organization, the World Health Organization and the UNDP Global Fund Partnership Team.

Preparation and approval of the Transition Plan has been captured by UNDP Global Fund Partnership as one of the constructive initiatives of UNDP Iran to be shared with other Country Offices, where applicable. The Plan will help ensure sustainable project achievements by integration of project interventions and experiences into the national health system.

UNDP Iran serves as Principal Recipient (PR) of the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria (GFATM)  grants in Iran. The TB project started in 2008 and has contributed to health system capacities in prevention and diagnosis of tuberculosis, and enhancing health infrastructure in 7 target provinces identified as the hotspots of the disease.

The signed Transition Plan was prepared following a two-day consultative workshop held in December 2012 for  national stakeholders from central and provincial institutions, concluding with identification of a number of priority recommendations to further integrate the achievements and lessons learned of the TB project into the National TB Program including; (i) identifying sustainable financing options for TB; (ii) developing management plans for the new lab network; (iii) further enhancing the quality and effectiveness of treatment interventions; (iv) developing a TB public awareness plan; and v) continuing to build provincial, national, regional  and international partnerships for effective disease control of TB and in particular multi-drug resistance.

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