Inclusive Growth and Development

Iran’s is a high mid-income country: significant resource allocations to social and economic sectors help account for this. The Governments 5th Development Plan (2011-2015) intends to improve on these achievements, and meet remaining challenges through “economic growth with social justice”. It aims to raise annual economic growth from 3.5% to 8%, reduce Gini from .4 to .35, improve the HDI from 0.7 to 0.8 and bring down unemployment from 12% to 7%. UNDP’s Inclusive Growth and Development initiative supports the 5th Plan goals: helping improve integrated planning, coordination and implementation capacity for Government - at all institutional levels - towards inclusive growth outcomes.

Our Goals

At end of the programme cycle, UNDP will help the country’s efforts in further advancing an inclusive growth planning and management framework and model for the national development planning system -- which will contribute to a fully integrated, outcome-based development of national planning capacity.more


The specific strategy is development of new participatory procedures and programmes to achieve combined growth, employment, poverty reduction and better natural resources usage. The expected result is their adoption in the 6th Plan. Photo Credit: © Vina Barahman

Impacting Lives

Helping Iran breathe life into the parched plains of Hossein Abad

In April of 2005, Prahbu Budhathoki, a technical advisor for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), stepped out of the plane that brought him to Hossein more

Projects and Initiatives

Sustainable Management of Land and Water Resources (SMLWR) - Phase II

The SMLWR project aims at deriving a “watershed”-based, development planning system and institutional framework that can sustain both eco-system services and socio-economic development. The Project is implemented through partnership between the Iranian Ministry of Jihad Agriculture (Forest, Range and Watershed Organization), Ministry of Interior’s Provincial Governorates and UNDP. more

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Summary of Human Development Report 2013

The summary of the latest Human Development Report ranks I.R. Iran 76 in terms of Human Development Index (HDI)