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Launched in 2002, the Global Fund is one of the key sources of financing for the world's response to the epidemic diseases. The Global Fund was established to dramatically increase resources to fight three of the world’s most devastating diseases, AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. It seeks to channel the funds to areas of greatest need. The GFATM project in the Islamic Republic of Iran involves numerous partners including governmental ministries, NGOs, private sector and the UN agencies. UNDP’s primary objective in the partnership is to support the local entity legally responsible for the management of the Grant in a recipient country. UNDP was chosen to act as the Principal Recipient (PR) of the Grant for the Global Fund’s projects.

Our Goals

Improving the quality of and access to public health services; Public health services will be available to all people, focusing on primary health care, family physician services and the referral systemmore


Since October 2008, UNDP in cooperation with the Government of I.R. of Iran has extended the scope of the project on the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS to include Malaria and Tuberculosis through funding received from GFATM.

Impacting Lives

  • Treating Tuberculosis in Gorgan

    “I was so weak it became impossible to work,” sighs Nazar Ghorbani, a 53 yearold metal worker from Zabol living in the north-eastern Iranian city ofmore

Projects and Initiatives

"Enhancement of National HIV Response with Focus on Target Beneficiary Groups in line with the fourth National Strategic Plan (NSP) 2015-2019"

In line with National Strategic Plan of the country, this project aims to assist the national partners in their endeavor “to halt and begin to reverse HIV/AIDS spreading among general population and most at risk groups by 2015". more

Intensified Malaria Control in High Burden Provinces towards Falciparum Elimination

The Project has been developed in line with the goals of National Strategic Plan for Malaria Elimination aiming at elimination of falciparum malaria (the fatal type of malaria infections) by 2016 and all cases of malaria including vivax by 2025. more

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