Disaster Risk Management

Iran is prone to disasters and it ranks as one of the most disaster prone country in the world with floods, drought and earthquakes being the most frequent natural disasters. The strengthening of disaster management capacities in Iran has therefore featured high on the agenda of UNDP. Based on a wealth of knowledge and experience, UNDP works closely with governmental and civil society partners to identify and strengthen national capacities in the management and implementation of early recovery programmes and disaster reduction and preparedness.

Our Goals

As part of the new Country Programme, 2012 - 2016, UNDP will continue its support to the Government for the integration of disaster management and risk reduction into development policies, key sector plans and programmes; strengthening knowledge and understanding of disaster risks, strengthening community-based disaster management and risk reduction, and developing regional and international cooperation for the exchange of knowledge and expertise.more

UNDP is also helping to put disaster risk at the forefront of development planners’ minds in order to ensure that disaster risk is being incorporated into development planning frameworks.more

Projects and Initiatives

  • The project mainly aims to integrate Disaster Risk Reduction concepts and standards into National Development planning, while focusing on enhancing DRR/DRM institutions capacities. more 

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