UNDP supports the Iranian government to strengthen capacities for disaster risk management on the national level

The National goal of the UNDP Disaster Risk Management programme is dominately the enhancement of disaster risk reduction and management capacities, enforcement of national building codes and earthquake risk reduction measures.

The envisioned UNDAF outcome in regards to the programme is the intagration of disaster risk reduction and management concepts and standards into national development policies/programmes; also the strengthening of institutional, operational and coordination capacities for effective disaster risk reduction and response.

Programme Priorities:

UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Mr. B. Murali (left) at the signing ceremony of the current DRM project titled: "Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction in the Islamic Republic of Iran”

Over the years, Iran and UNDP have developed a fruitful partnership in the field of disaster management. Following the Manjil earthquake of 1990, they worked together on a number of issues, particularly in the area of seismic hazard mapping. Since then, this cooperation has gradually expanded through the implementation of several programmes for strengthening national capacities in disaster risk reduction and preparedness.

With the delivery of the different DRM programmes/projects (from 2005 to 2011), the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and UNDP jointly continued their efforts to support disaster risk reduction (DRR) and management (DRM) under UNDAF’s DRM Outcome 1 and based on the gaps and barriers identified over a protracted consultation period with key governmental counterparts (NDMO, SPAS, BHRC, TDMMO and IRCS) in 2011 and 2012.

The current on-going project, titled “Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction in the Islamic Republic of Iran” aims to:

  1. Enhancing capacities of DRR and DRM institutions
  2. Integration of DRR and DRM concepts and standards into national development planning
  3. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in urban areas
  4. Supporting Tehran Earthquake Risk Reduction and Management Plan
  5. Supporting national capacities for community-based DRM in urban earthquake and flood management
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The following reports are derived from the results of the Government of Iran and UNDP's joint programme "Strengthening the Capacities for Disaster Risk Management".

Most of the information present in these two volumes are based on the direct results and achievements of the project's two pilot sites in the provinces of Gorgan and Kerman.

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