Inclusive Growth Initiative

What is the Project About?

The Inclusive Growth initiative aims to support the strengthening of a national inclusive growth modeling framework for development planning purposes. Its main outcome will be a more coordinated, integrated and dynamic multi-sector planning approach.


What Have We Accomplished So Far?

  • Identified various methodologies to undertake integrated development planning.
  • Established learning processes and Communities of Practice.
  • Signed a contract with Labour and Social Security Institute for initial advocacy and training.
  • Signed a contract with economists/econometricians to undertake technical studies.

Who Finances It?

UNDP Regional

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Year


Project Highlights

  • Established a CPAP Poverty outcome Board to develop capacity for inclusive growth and poverty reduction approaches.
  • Initiated Community of Practice on inclusive growth (through workshops and research activity undertaken by the Labour and Social Security Institute – the think tank of MCLW).
  • Initiated Community of Practice on women’s economic empowerment (through workshops and research activity – through support of CPAP Poverty Outcome Board and FRWO).
  • Identified various methodologies to undertake integrated and multi-sector dynamic development planning towards inclusive growth outcomes.
  • Contracted with economists / econometricians to undertake technical studies and provide proposals and recommendations (on inclusive growth planning; growth and distribution; regional based planning; decentralised planning processes; etc).

Project Overview
Project Start Date:
Estimated End Date:
National socio-economic and planning institutions
Focus Area:
Inclusive Growth and Poverty Reduction
Goals 1 and 8
UNDP Programme Officer:
Mohammad Ali Farzin
CPAP Poverty Outcome Board members (including Strategic Planning and Control; Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Welfare; Ministry of Interior; Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
National Project Director:
Dr. Vahideh Negin, CPAP Poverty Outcome Board Secretary (at Deputy Minister for Welfare Affairs)