Inclusive Growth and Development

  • The Social Protection project aims to develop a national social protection and empowerment model and framework which can support: 1) improved and integrated national and sub-national planning approaches that contribute to improving lives of poor and vulnerable people; and, 2) enhancing access to education, skills, health, employment, income and social protection for human development outcomes. The project is implemented through partnership with Iranian Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Welfare, and UNDP.

  • UNDP will support Bank Keshavarzi of Iran, the national development bank for natural resources and agriculture development, and support its objective to improve its “green” banking and credit procedures and practices (i.e. those that can help ensure both inclusive growth and sustainable development outcomes in the sector and at the local level – and integrate “development” and “banking”). The project is a research and development approach to institutional capacity strengthening; it will initially assess the Standard Operating Procedures of the Bank from an inclusive growth and sustainable development perspective; revise and improve the SoP’s as necessary; pilot and test the new SoP’s in three provinces; prepare all the necessary documentation required to institutionalize; establish a Centre of Excellence for the Bank on this approach and disseminate the best practices nationally.