Country Coordinating Mechanism Funding

What is the Project About?

Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) are central to the Global Fund's commitment to local ownership and participatory decision-making. CCMs develop and submit grant proposals to the Global Fund based on priority needs at the national level. After grant approval, they oversee progress during implementation.

This project aims to assist the CCM of the Islamic Republic in fulfilling its functions as the country’s oversight body for development and submission of grant requests in line with the national priorities and plans as well as ensuring smooth, timely and effective implementation of the projects supported by the Global Fund.

What Have We Accomplished So Far?

  • CCM established and meeting regularly
  • CCM Secretariat established , equipped and staffed
  • CCM website under development
  • CCM Communication Strategy development in progress

Who Finances It?

GFATM: US$28,000

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Year


Project Highlights
  • CCM is established and functioning.
  • Through the CCM, Iran has received GFATM grants in all three disease areas.
Project Overview
Project Start Date
01 November 2012
Estimated End Date
31 October 2013
Geographic Coverage
Focus Area
Project Officer
Negar Arefi
CCM members representing government Ministries, Non-governmental Organisations, Academia, Private partners, People living with, or affected by, diseases