Cross Cutting Issues

Art for Conservation

In this field, GEF SGP attempts to link conservation of natural resources to cultural-based livelihoods and to provide an opportunity for cultural-based products linking the identity of local people to their natural resources.


In this area, we have cases of women participation in community based projects where women, while having their own important role in family, obtain an empowering role within their own group or in their own community, in the framework of an environment‐friendly livelihood project or a process that increases the knowledge of community on environmental issues or even contributes to conservation work.

Participatory Tools & Educational Material

As the approach of the programme is a multi-stakeholder approach and promoting participation, with the lack of this literature in the country, the literature related to the work is developed through the projects. Also, educational tools for various target groups are developed including children.


Through combination of Traditional Knowledge and/or scientific know-how technologies were developed, used or promoted in projects.

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