Conservation Of Iranian Wetlands Project - Phase II (Scale-up)

 The second phase of the CIWP project aims to roll out the results and achievements the first phase throughout the country

Updated: January 2017

What is the project about:

The second phase of the Conservation of Iranian Wetlands Project builds on the results and achievements of the initial Wetlands Project launched in 2005 and funded by the Global Environment Facility. The second phase expands the project throughout the country. The goal is to enhance the sustainability of Iran’s wetland protected areas and conserve its globally-significant biodiversity.  It will do so by establishing eco-system based wetland management plans and inter-sectoral coordination structures for 15 important Iranian wetlands

A grant of US$ 3 million has been provided by the Government of Japan to UNDP, contributing to the revival of one of these important wetlands, Lake Urmia, from its current critical situation.  The project specifically addresses the restoration of the lake through modelling local community participation, promotion of sustainable agriculture and effective reduction of water consumption.  The project engages with local communities and farmers using sustainable agriculture techniques. This approach is expected to contribute to an increase of inflow to the lake as well as to the protection of the biodiversity in the area. 

 The project aims to roll out the results and achievements of Conservation of Iranian Wetlands Project (CIWP) throughout the country

What have we accomplished so far:

  • Replication: Successfully introduced participatory ecosystem-based approaches for the conservation of Iran’s wetlands now being rolled out in 11 provinces.
  • Replication: Initial integrated wetland management in three wetlands of international importance has been replicated to 12 new wetlands.
  • Empowerment: Supported the livelihoods and resilience of more than 50,000 people in wetland communities by promoting sustainable wetland management.
  • Legislation: Prepared a Pre-Final Parliament Act on "Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable use of Wetlands Based on the Ecosystem Approach.”
  • Education: Disseminated a large number of technical tools, guidelines and publications.
  • Implementation: Introduced sustainable agriculture to over 45,000 hectares in two wetlands to conserve water and more than 250 experts trained to roll-out the results.
  • Increased awareness: Raised awareness of the need to conserve wetlands.  This has been achieved through more than 2,000 newspaper, magazine and website articles, 200 television broadcasts, festivals and other activities.

Who finances the project:


US $515,821

Government Of I.R. Iran (Parallel Funding)

US $500,000

Government of Japan

US $3,000,000


Delivery in the previous fiscal year:


US $ 171,685

Government Of I.R. Iran (Parallel Funding)

US $ 2,048,000 

Government of Japan (Including commitments)

US $ 1,189,786

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