The Millennium Development Goals Report 2013

Published On 01 Jun 2013


This year’s report looks at the areas where action is needed most: hunger, maternal health, sanitation and environmental protection, for example. This report also shows that the achievement of the MDGs has been uneven among and within countries.

The MDGs have proven that focused global development objectives can make a profound difference. Success in the next 1,000 days will not only improve the lives of millions, it will add momentum as we plan for beyond 2015 and the challenges of sustainable development," said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in the report.


  • The porportion of slum dwellers in the cities and metropolises of the developing world is declining
  • Most maternal deaths are preventable, but progress in this area is falling short
  • Over 20 billion people gained access to improved sources of drinking water
  • The hunger reduction target is within reach
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