Environment and Sustainable Development

  • Towards a Community of Practice of Wetland Project ManagementDec 1, 2010
    This resource book presents and records the experiences of 11 demonstration projects of wetlands management. It is therefore of relevance to a wide range of situations where wetlands are under some kind of conservation or management regime.

  • Fact sheet - MENARIDJul 7, 2013
    The report summerizes the related facts to UNDP's MENARID project and its achievements.

  • Fact sheet - Carbon Sequestration Project (CSP) - Phase IIJul 7, 2013
    The report summerizes the related facts to UNDP's Carbon Sequestration project. The project is implemented in a number of provinces across Iran and aims to produce inclusive development and growth, while reviving degraded lands and protecting the environment.

  • Towards a solution for Iran's drying wetlands - Conclusions and RecommendationsTowards a solution for Iran's drying wetlands - Conclusions and RecommendationsMay 5, 2014
    In March 2014, and at the request of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the UNDP Iran Country Office invited a number of eminent international and national experts to share their experiences and solutions to help formulate a set of specific practical recommendations for these two drying wetlands in Iran. These solutions are presented in this report.


UNDP works closely with a number of our committed partners within the Government as well as Iran’s civil society to support national efforts in sustainably managing the environment and addressing persistent environmental challenges. The crux of our work also addresses global environmental issues of climate change, biodiversity loss, land degradation, challenges faced in management of international water bodies and ozone layer depletion, while at the same time addressing national priorities in environmental conservation. We also support Iran to fulfill its commitments as a party to various global environmental treaties and conventions.