Disaster Risk Management

  • Apr 1, 2013Public Awareness Programme on Disaster Risk ManagementThis publication consists of reports related to public awareness on disaster risk management. The reports are predominately drieved from the implementation of Strengthening Capacities for Disaster Risk Management in I.R. Iran project. This project was jointly implemented by the Government of Iran and UNDP in the two pilot sites of Gorgan and Kerman cities.

  • Apr 1, 2012Hospital Safety Programme in Case of EarthquakeIn three volumes, the author of this publication has proposed plans for the effective preparation of hospitals in case of earthquakes. Volume I consists of related managerial docuemnts and Volume II consists of guidelines for implementing non-structural mitigation. The third volume focuses on proposing a development manual for the hospitals' disaster management plans.

  • Jul 1, 2013Community-Based Disaster Risk ManagementThis publication brings together managerial guidelines and executive procedures for preparing communities to develop effective disaster risk management.


The strengthening of disaster management capacities in Iran has therefore featured high on the agenda of UNDP. Based on a wealth of knowledge and experience, UNDP works closely with governmental and civil society partners to identify and strengthen national capacities in the management and implementation of early recovery programmes and disaster reduction and preparedness. UNDP is also helping to put disaster risk at the forefront of development planners’ minds in order to ensure that disaster risk is being incorporated into development planning frameworks