UNDP-EU 10-Year Partnership Report launched

Feb 19, 2014

UNDP Associate Administrator together with Nirj Deva, vice chair of the Development Committee at the European Parliament at the launch of the UNDP-EU Partnership Report. Photo: UNDP Brussels

“The report we are launching today clearly demonstrates how the UNDP-EU partnership can advance human development around the world, and make a difference where it matters the most,“ said Rebeca Grynspan, UNDP Associate Administrator, when she, together with Mr. Frutuoso de Melo, Director-General of DG DEVCO, presented the first-ever report on the partnership between UNDP and the EU.

Taking a ten-year perspective, the report 'Towards a Life of Dignity for All – 10 Years of UNDP-EU Strategic Partnership’ presents the context, rationale and added value of the partnership; takes stock of achievements in the last decade (2004-2013); and discusses the opportunities and challenges for the partnership in the future, framed in the context of a changing world. The reason for it being published now is that 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the Strategic Partnership Agreement between UNDP and the European Commission, which was jointly signed in 2004.

“Because we share the same… values of respect and dignity of every human being, of justice and shared prosperity, and care for the planet, the European Union is also a natural – and important – partner to UNDP, and to the UN overall, in advancing peace and security, human rights and human development” said Rebeca Grynspan at the report launch in the European Parliament.

One of the key factors that make the partnership special is that the cooperation takes place at the policy, advocacy, knowledge sharing and programmatic levels, each feeding and complementing one another.  Thus, the partnership adds value at the level of international policy and norms, but also translates these into practical realities on the ground to improve lives. Indeed, the results presented in the report show how international partnerships can successfully facilitate nationally driven and owned economic, social and political change.

In the last decade, the EU has provided EUR 3.3 billion to UNDP’s activities in 115 countries (many more if including also regional and global programmes) through the signature of around 800 contracts.

Some key results include:

  • We worked in 98 countries advancing good governance, contributing to deepening democracy and more inclusive societies.
  • We supported 53 countries with their electoral cycle, contributing to strengthened national capacities and national ownership of the process, free and fair elections, and the increased participation of women, both as voters and as candidates in the elections.
  • Over 70 countries, out of which over 30 fragile countries, received support to prevent and recover from crisis.
  • We helped 28 countries be better prepared for natural disasters, preventing loss of lives and material damage. In addition, we helped countries ‘build back better’ to ensure better resilience against future disasters.
  • Within the framework of the Poverty Environment Initiative, that supports 24 countries across several regions, the partnership has helped countries in their efforts to mainstream poverty-environment linkages into national development planning.
  • In the area of climate change, the partnership supports 25 countries to carry out nationally driven climate change mitigation actions.
  • Policy and programme dialogue between UNDP and EU is vibrant, also at the country level. Up to 90 percent of UN/UNDP Country Offices in most regions report an on-going policy dialogue with the EU Delegations in the country, especially on issues around democratic governance.

The report demonstrates that the UNDP-EU partnership makes a difference where it matters most – in improving the lives of people, around the world. However, the report argues that there is scope to deepen the partnership in areas where it clearly demonstrates an added value, and venturing into new, emerging areas where the partnership has potential to make an important impact.

”For our partnership to continue to be of value to those who need it the most, we need to keep pace with a challenging development landscape and the ever evolving needs and demands of our partner countries”, said Ms. Grynspan.


The report complements the annual United Nations-European Union reports (the ‘Improving Lives’ series), which focus on the global partnership between the wider UN-family and the EU in a given year.

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